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Shipping and Cancellation Policy

Shipping and cancellation

The lessee or his/her representative has to be present at the agreed date and time of delivery Otherwise extra shipping costs incurred i.e. INR 1000 will be charged by the lessor.

  • Delivered items cannot be returned unless they have major defects & are non-functional.
  • Though we do quality checks at our end before delivery, the lessee is expected to see if there are any damages and report the same to the representative of the lessor and a note of the same shall be made.
  • One signed copy of the contract is to be kept by each party.
  • Please note that the lessee should ensure the entry of delivery vehicle inside the premises. Additionally, the lessee has to arrange for permission to use the lift. In case you do not have lift or permission to use the lift at your premises, extra labor charges will be there to carry the products through stairs.

Pick-up policy

  • Lessee has to inform lessor 1 day prior if he wishes to terminate the contract. Lessor will send notification regarding the same as well.
  • Pick-up date and time will be mutually decided by lessee and lessor. Lessee has to be present at the agreed date and time. Otherwise extra logistics costs incurred will be charged to the lessee.

Lessee may cancel an order till the delivery confirmation call at no cost. However, if Lessee cancels after the confirmation call, then delivery and pick up charges are applicable.