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Referral Terms and Conditions

Referral Terms and Conditions

This Referral Agreement (“Agreement”) is effective as of the date of signature (“Effective Date”), and is made between Quali5Care and Consulting Private Limited with offices at Shop No 6, Surya House, Station Road, Vidyavihar East, Mumbai 400077 (“Company”), and YOU (“Referrer ”). Referrer is  hereinafter collectively referred to as “Parties”.

1. Term.

Referrer shall provide contact details of the patient/relative or can raise on the order on the behalf of patient. After the patient/relative has been contacted and order is confirmed, the reference is considered as valid and good for earning referral benefit.

2. Payment.

Only after customer has raised the order and made the payment, the referral benefit will be transferred to his bank account or paid as cash as decided by the company. This can be cancelled/stopped in case of any valid reason for doing so, at the discretion of company’s decision.

3. Referral benefit amount.

This will be decided by the company and can be changed without any notice. For knowing these benefits, please call our contact numbers.

4. Disputes.

In case of any disputes, company’s decision would be final.