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Refer FAQ

Referral FAQ

Download from Google Playstore and start earning

1. Where can I get the referral App?

You can Download from Playstore.

2. How would I get paid?

After the rerferral has made the payment for the services, someone would call you from our office and get your bank details to make the payment to you. Payments would happen on 5th and 20th of every month.

3. How much is the amount paid per referral .

At the moment for every confirmed referral, we pay 5% of the first month rent. This is subject to change and final amount being paid would be reflected in “My Referrals” tab. So for example, if patient referred by you needs to have automatic bed (Rs 6000 monthly rental)and oxygen concentrator(Rs 5000 monthly rental), you would earn Rs 550.

4. How can I check the status of My referral.

You can open the Referral app  and view “My Referrals Tab”.

5. Disputes.

In case of any disputes, company’s decision would be final.