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Types of Hosptial Bed for Home Recovery

Types of Hosptial Bed for Home Recovery

There are various type of Hospital Bed that could be used at home for recovery. Hospital beds work useful where patient needs a good support to sit up Or maintain legs at higher level as well as add easy attachments like side rail for patients safety.

There are mainly 3 type of Bed that are available in the market

  1. Fowler OR Semi Fowler Bed
  2. ICU 3 Function Bed
  3. ICU 5 Function Bed

All beds come with side Rail and we all as Option to raise the back. But they are mainly differentiated based on the mode of operations like Manual OR Automatic Bed. We will sea each one in depth. But, lets understand basics of all these kinds of beds.

  • They all are usually of stand size of 3 Feet by 6 Feet
  • All of them come with Handrails
  • The bed is usally separate, but most of them provide along with it
  • If you need Air Bed, that has to be requested seperately.

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