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Become a Vendor

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  • Become the supply partner and secure your monthly income.
  • Are you a vendor or supplier or individual and if you have any of the below-mentioned medical equipment lying ideal with you? Why not earn rent on that and help others by sharing it.
  • We at will help you to get renting out your ideal equipment and help others to recover.
  • How does it work?
  • Share your equipment details (Pic and Purchase bill) >>>>>> team will verify the functionality via video call or personal visit >>>>>>>On confirmation we will pick up the equipment and monthly agreed rent will be transferred >>>>>>> on return of equipment same will be delivered back to the customer.
  • Equipment maintenance has to be bear by the owner
  • Rental payments are electronic transfers only
  • In case of a faulty product or false representation of the equipment, the owner has to bear the entire cost and will be responsible for legal action.
  • A detailed agreement will be signed for the same.

Become the supply partner!